• Do you like the beach?

    Ah, I love the beach. But even if you're not the jump in the water, snorkel, cover yourself with sand-type, the beach is still great, right? Look at these textures. My computer recently had the equivalent of a computer coma, and I'm just getting it back and running. The guy who fixed it updated everything, so it's all new to me. My photos are somehow all out of order, though, and these oldies showed up nearer to my more recent pictures. They were taken in Key West, Florida. My parents lived there a few years back, so I had the chance to visit often. I took these with a camera, understand, not a phone, like a real look through the hole (what is that called, a viewfinder? lense?) and press the button sort of contraption. I do think it was digital, but it was definitely a first generation digital camera. I'm no photographer, but I do love a good texture shot. And seaweed. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.