• Sao Paulo Modern Quilt Guild

    Yesterday I went to my first meeting of the Sao Paulo Modern Quilt Guild. Since moving from the Northeast of Brazil, where it was relatively hard to find quilters (it's very close to the Equator, so a little warm to use a quilt), to Sao Paulo in the cooler Southeast, I've been lucky to find a thriving group of quilters. The group has been around for four years, and is headed up by Fá Giandosa, in my mind, the country's quilting superstar. 

    I'm so excited to have someone to share my fabric designs with, and perhaps share some actual fabric with. I'm excited for the opportunity to see what other sewists can do with my designs. So far though, just I have touched the stuff. Our project for the year is Moda's Modern Building Blocks. I've been a fan of this quilt design for a while, so I'm excited to be working on it. I'll be following the pattern, but not necessarily the colors. Because, you know, I need prints! These three blocks were made using my newest line for Cloud 9 Organic Fabrics. It's called Garden Secrets, and it's super lush and colorful. There are some really vibrant colors here, so it's fun to pull some of them from the prints, you know, for the addition of solids, which I have to admit, you need. All prints might be a bit crazy. 

    Next month I'll post more. Hopefully my photography will improve as I go along.