• Where to find Pen to Thread

    Hey all! This glorious morning I did my typical 'oh, out of coffee, what to do now' boredom google search, and took a look for Pen to Thread. I love seeing what's out there, and was super happy to see that one of my favorite stores is carrying Pen to Thread. So I thought I'd compile a little list of where you can find the book, incase you want to see it in person, or something like that.


    Barnes & Noble


    Purl Soho

    The Village Haberdashery

    Nordic Needle

    Keepsake Needle Arts

    Also, reviews here:

    Knitting Scholar

    If you have Pen to Thread for sale in your online or brick and morter store, I'd love to know, shoot me an email ( and I'll add you to the list. Also, it's very important to me that people share what they think of the book, because feedback helps me create a better product the next time, so if you have a review, please let me know and I'll add you to this list as well.

    Post any of your great embroideries with #pentothread to show the world (and me!) what you've been up to.