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    Back home

    Over a year ago we moved back home. Back to the United States, but also back to my hometown of Fairhope, Alabama. It's so pleasent to be back. Fairhope is small, although it has grown in my lifetime quite a bit (I love hearing the old timers talk about traffic, as it is in a small town, it's probably one of the biggest complaints, and when you look at it from a different perspective, it's not a problem at all). We ended up buying the house next door to the house I grew up in, and so I'm really back home, like as close as you could get without kicking the folks out of my old house. Our home is great, it's a funky old 70's split level ranch (if you watch me on pinterest that might explain my board full of goofy split level ideas) with styrofoam "wood" beams in the living room, black grouted brick (black?!?!), different flooring in every room, and popcorn ceilings. It's got character! And we love it. We have a huge (or at least it seems huge to maintain) garden in the front yard, and chickens in the back. The neighborhood ranges from newly weds to 90 year olds, and we know them all. Improvements are being made little by little to our house, new trees get planted every time I have a little extra spending money (or Arbor Day, when you manage to get trees for free!). I'm walking everywhere I can, because we're lucky to have a large system of sidewalks. The photo is from a walk in scenic Point Clear, we looked out onto Mobile Bay as we walked. It's definitely a change in perspective from Brazil. I can talk to everyone I meet without having to think through my thoughts first, I know the seasons and the customs (mostly, the South still holds out secrets on me), and the inspiration for my work has changed a ton. It's warm and humid down here, with a few frosts during the winter, but not much more than that. The flora and fauna is very different and it's nice to see that change, as it's striking all sorts of new ideas with me. Maybe I'll share more about it, but I wouldn't count on me, I sure do like using the internet as little as possible. Hope all is well, if you're nearby drop me a line!

  • A day in the life: 05/20/2015

    Good morning world. Or at least part of the world. As it is always 5 o'clock somewhere, I guess it's also always morning somewhere. I'm intent on posting more on my blog, so here I go. My usual concern with this is a problem that I would assume lots of people have. What should I post about? And do people really want to know these things? I'm going to go ahead and assume that yes, you do want to know more about me. And, you know what? Likewise, I'd love to know more about you. Leave a comment, shoot me an email, whatever. I'm so happy to know when people like my work, it delights me to actually meet the people and get to know them.

    Back to what to post about. The majority of my day isn't comprised of design work. The majority is much less glamorous, changing diapers, mopping floors, doing dishes and cooking. I love these things, don't get me wrong, but that's probably not the reason you're reading this, so I'll try to keep it to a minimum, pictures mainly.

    If we're looking at a 'day in the life' situation, my day usually starts around 5AM. That's when dearest baby wakes up, also when the sun rises, see above). I would love to sleep in a bit more, but I can't complain too much, as he gets me up to see one of the most beautiful parts of the day. Then, you know, things, teeth brushing, eating (I won't even try to take pictures of my incredibly beautiful meals for you), bathing. 

    I usually keep something crafty nearby when I'm hanging around the house. I work from home, with the 8 month old baby, so there is a lot of time where I'm sort of just sitting and watching him enjoy life. He doesn't go in my office, because it's perhaps on of the most dangerous places for a baby I've ever seen. Needles, scissors, electricity, a giant hole in the wall (that's another conversation). So I keep a project elsewhere in the house.

    I've currently got the above project going. A lot of my fabric is based on a white ground, and I thought a sweet low volume quilt would be a great gift for my new neice. I've got plenty of fabric scraps, so I've started appliqueing hearts on the 5" squares. Notice how they all lean to the right? At least I'm consistent? Always look at the bright side. The fabrics above are from Arcadia and Biology. If you're looking to pick up some of these fabrics, check out Cloud 9's website. They're a dream to work with, I'm finding especially great for applique, and of course, they are organic.

    Next on the to-do list of crafts? These sweet guys that I'm calling Jungle Buddies. I'd love to release them as an embroidery pattern, I just have to work out some kinks. Working on adding spots to these, but having a crisis about what color. Black? Orange? Solid? Outline? I'll make sure to keep you updated on progress. 

    Are we still on the 'day in the life' topic? The majority of the day. Hanging with baby. 

    To wrap it up, I usually do a little design work here and there. I license my patterns on a variety of products, one of my favorite collaborations is with Chasing Paper. It's peel and stick wallpaper. No goop, no glue, and easily removable. It comes in 2X4 foot rolls, and is great to use for wallpaper, but so much better to use for everything else! I liken it to the contact paper that I remember my mom having on all of our shelves and drawers growing up. Only so much cooler! This print has three color options currently, but we're adding the above three as quickly as possible, so keep an eye out! 

    That's all for this week. If you're reading this thinking, man, what is this girl writing about, don't worry, I'm sure I'll get better at speaking via blog. Just stick with me (oh, was that a stickable wallpaper joke? No, but good try). Until next week!